Thursday, 17 January 2013

The C11 Standard

  C11 is the latest standard for C programming language proposed in 2011. The proposals made by the C11 standard are yet to be implemented by most of the compilers. But I am writing this post to give you an idea about the changes we can expect in the near future. The changes between C99 and C11 are pointed out below.
  • Improved Unicode support is proposed in C11.
  • Multithreading support is mandatory with this version of C.
  • Anonymous structures and unions are possible with this version.
  • Stricter Bounds checking is possible with C11 standard.
  • gets( ) is removed.
  • The quick_exit( ) to terminate programs.
  •  The _Noreturn specifier.
  • An exclusive create-and-open mode for fopen( ).
Click here to download the latest Working Draft of C11 Standard.

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