Sunday, 27 July 2014

Client Server Program in C to Simulate Go-Back-N-ARQ

  This program was also written some 5 years before. This again is a simulation program trying to imitate Go-Back-N ARQ. It is a client server program. Click here to view the Wikipedia article on Go-Back-N_ARQ. Here also the server side acts as the receiver and hence you should run this program first. Afterwards you should also run the client program which acts as the sender side. 

Figure Below Shows the Receiver

Figure Below Shows the Sender

The line given below sets the window size for the sender and the receiver.

#define W 5 
If you want you can change the window size to some other value. Currently the window size is 5.

The following lines in the receiver side decides the probability with which a frame fails to reach the destination.

#define P1 50
#define P2 10

You can increase the probability of a frame being corrupted by increasing the value of P2 and decrease the probability by decreasing the value of P2. Currently there is a 20% probability for frame corruption.

Click here to download the Receiver Side program.

Click here to download the Sender Side program.

Click here to view the article on Selective Repeat ARQ.


  1. How function alpha9 work?? Need help please

  2. How function alpha9 work and why used need help please