Thursday, 28 February 2013

C/C++ Puzzles: PART - 24

Changing the Output Without Changing the C Program

Consider the Simple program given below.


int main( )

The Output of the Program is Shown Below

The task is to get the output shown below without making any change in the "C Program".


  The idea is to assemble the C Program into assembly file and make changes there. To learn step by step compilation of C Programs in Linux please visit my previous post. I have shown the process in the below. 
  • Let the C Program be named as a.c.
The gcc -S a.c will give you the assembly file a.s. The assembly file is shown below.

  • Edit the file a.s. The changed program is shown below.
  • Now compile the a.s file by typing the command gcc a.s. The output file a.out is generated.
  • Run the program by typing ./a.out. The Output is shown below.

This Post also gives you an idea about optimizing C Programs by making changes in the Assembly language file.

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