Friday, 19 April 2013

Different Standards of C

  Many often beginners to C Programming are unaware of the fact that there are different standards for C Programming language. I had a few posts about C11 and C99 in this blog. But in this post I am listing all the C standards in a chronological order, from the oldest to the newest. 

1. K&R C
    This is the original standard of C. Some of the features and functions provided by this version is deprecated now.

2. ANSI C & ISO C (C89 & C90)
      This is the most common C standard, supported by most IDEs as the default version for programming. Many of the Universities and Colleges still teach this standard of C to students. Fine with me, but they should make sure that there is at least some discussion about the different standards of C. At least about the C99 standard since it adds a lot of power to the C language and implemented by large number of IDEs and Compilers.
3. C99
       C99 is having support from fairly large number of IDEs. C99 increases the power of C programming language.

4. C11
          This is the latest standard of C programming language. The proposals made by C11 are not yet fully implemented by many of the popular IDEs.

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