Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Beamer Template for Simple Presentations.

  Research communities all over the world prefers presentations created using Latex. But most of us still use prefer Proprietary software like MS Word. The main reason for such preferences is not often the ignorance regarding open source alternatives. Many of us are simply afraid of working with a new technology, especially if it involves a few commands. 

  LATEX is a very good document preparation tool. Once you create a few documents using LATEX you will enjoy working with it. To create presentations LATEX provides a class called Beamer. Here I have included a Template for creating simple presentations. I have also included a presentation in PDF format which was created by running the program with Beamer Theme "beamerthemesidebar". Please compile the Program twice. Only then you will get a correct Table of Contents listing.

Click here to download the Tex Program for creating simple presentations.

Click here to download the Presentation in PDF format obtained after running the program with Beamer theme sidebar.

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