Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Latex Template for IEEE Conference Papers


  It is difficult to produce quality results in research. But some times it is even more difficult to produce a good quality IEEE Format paper. You have to worry about the font styles, alignment, margins and what not if you are using MS Word or some such word processor. If you are using Latex often you have to worry about different commands and packages. So here I try provide a simple LATEX Template for creating IEEE Conference Papers. I have tried to make it as simple as possible, and I have also given sufficient comments where ever required. Here I give two links the first one is to the tex file which you need to run in Texmaker. If you want you can also download the pdf file you will get when you run the tex file without making any modifications.

Click here to download the Tex file which gives a Template for creating IEEE Conference Papers.

Click here to download the PDF file generated, if you run the Tex file without any modification.


  1. Does it works with Texmaker? I am trying but there when I try to view, I cannot.

  2. You have to download the file ieeeconf.cls to use this template. If your system has internet connectivity Texmaker will automatically download the required files, otherwise you have to do it manually.