Friday, 9 November 2012

What are My Intentions?

  I have been working with computers for more than a decade and now I have some knowledge about computing. I have been relying on materials prepared by others for a very long time. When ever I was in need of some basic Programs, all I used to do was search for it in Google. So I had help from countless individuals who contributed in a selfless manner to the society. Now I believe it is my turn to return what I have received from others. So here in this Blog I try to give Programs illustrating certain features in various programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python etc.

  At a later stage I also want to include topics on tools like Matlab, NS-2 etc. Maybe if time permits I might include tips and tricks on some of my favorite Computer Science subjects like Theory of Computation, Analysis of Algorithms, Cryptography etc.

  If you find the contents useful or if you have any corrections or suggestions feel free to post a comment. Also if you have any doubts or problems please post them here. I will try to give a solution if it is within my reach.

  If you find this Blog useful please visit my other Blog titled "Let Us Fight Poverty" on which I have posted articles dealing with issues having social relevance.

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