Wednesday, 26 December 2012

C/C++ Puzzles: PART - 10

  Project Euler
   If you are interested in solving difficult problems in Computer Science, then please visit Project Euler. They offer problems whose solution requires both programming skills and mathematical knowledge. Some of the problems only need to use existing algorithms. But many often the complexity of the problem arises from the sheer magnitude of the numbers involved. To give you a flavor of the problems involved, I am reproducing a problem from Project Euler.

The problem can be solved in many different ways. I went for the easiest and least efficient technique. The brute force approach. I wrote a C program and it took 30 minutes to solve the problem in my computer.

Figure Below Shows the Output

Click here to download the C Program to solve the Highly Divisible Triangular Number problem.

Once you solve a particular problem the Project Euler Team is kind enough to provide you with algorithms to solve the problem. Here is one of the algorithms they offered to solve the problem of highly divisible triangular number.


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